Save Mesh Paint As Bytes

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  • Use the node Save Mesh Paint As Bytes¬†to save all the painted effects / pixel collision etc in your world
  • Use the Actor filters parameter if you only want to a save a subset of actors/materials
  • If you need to bake textures, check the¬†bNeedsBakedTexturesForSkinnedMeshes parameter
    • Most usecases will not need this, saving just the paint strokes will be sufficient. This also has the advantage of being “non-destructive”.
    • Skeletal meshes with multiple animation poses per paint stroke (and requiring fully accurate reproduction) may want to use this option.
    • Baking textures requires far more disk space than the saving just the paint strokes so only use if required.
    • For more information check out the documentation for this parameter which is provided as part of the Blueprint / C++ API

(This article is a stub, for a live example of Save/Load please check out the sample project (download links on the marketplace page))