Mesh/Text Painting Limitations

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Here’s a quick list of the plugin’s current mesh-painting limitations that prospective buyers should be aware of:

Seamless Painting Features:

Seamless painting in the mesh-space (3D painting) workflow is only supported for procedural brushes (i.e. circular strokes/etc), it is not supported not for Decals or Text.

Consider using World-spacelocal-space workflows where possible as they have full for seamless painting, even for Decal / Text projection.

Brush Size Accuracy:

While the plugin measures brush size in world-space units, accurate brush size for 3D painting is also only supported via procedural brushes, not for decals or text. For decals/text projection the size of your UV islands will influence the effective size. If some UV islands are disproportionately large (compared to their actual 3D faces), then the brush size will also scale accordingly.

World-space/local-space painting support fully accurate brush size though.