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Load Mesh Paint Onto Multiple Actors 

You can create custom effect templates from a character customization screen or archetype by saving the source actor using Save Mesh Paint As Bytes.

After saving the template, you can load it back onto multiple actors at runtime using the Load Mesh Paint Onto Multiple Actors  node.

  • Use this function to take a saved effect, design or template and load it onto multiple actors at runtime.
  • Example usecase: Hordes of A.I. actors can have a custom design stamped onto them at runtime using this node
  • Example usecase: Your Character ustomization screen can save a design and then propagate it onto multiple players at runtime
  • Dynamically spawned actors are fully supported.
  • For more information check out the documentation accompanying the Blueprint node / C++ API for the plugin.

(This article is a stub, for a live example of Effect Templates please check out the sample project (download links on the marketplace page))