DoN’s Dynamic Mesh Effects

Note: This page covers a plugin for Game Developers using Unreal Engine.


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Apply Per-Pixel Mesh effects, Modify Landscape materials at runtime, Shoot Projectiles through holes and more!

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Boost your Visual FX and Gameplay tools with a single-node painting solution which works on any charactermesh or landscape, provides custom collision for your gameplay and is network-ready out-of-the-box. Save/Load of all effects, loading saved designs onto hordes of runtime actors also supported!

Apply incremental damage effects, stamp decals with custom textures, UMG tattoos. Quick integration with your existing materials and once setup, works on any number of actors, even dynamically spawned ones.

Paint Blob Collision allows you to use painted effects as proxy collisions for gameplay, such as creating traps that players/A.I. can react to, or portals on walls or floors that custom projectiles can pass through, etc.

Multiplayer is supported out-of-the-box with a carefully designed system that replicates your paint strokes efficiently. DoN’s Mesh Painter also supports multiple UV workflows, multiple paint layers, local-space/world-space painting on any axis and more.

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