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Praying Mantis Survival Released!

The much awaited Praying Mantis Survival update has been released for Nature & Life – Drunk On Nectar!

Official release video:


Please also visit the Official Steam announcement for a comprehensive breakdown of new features, improvements and many gorgeous Mantis screenshots! 🙂

An official video walkthrough is also on the way, so be sure to subscribe to the game’s Youtube channel to be notified of when the entire video series releases! 🙂

Thank you for your interest, support, patience and love!

With Love & Gratitude,

Venugopalan Sreedharan

(Developer of Nature & Life – Drunk On Nectar!)


May 2021 Updates for Nature & Life – Drunk On Nectar!

Several major and minor updates were released for Nature & Life – Drunk On Nectar on Steam during May 2021.

These updates brought visual improvements and vital bugfixes, but also more gameplay such as “Generation 2 Lifecycle” for the Jumping Spider.

Below is a quick round up!

May 23rd – Beautiful Nature – New Lighting, Gen 2 for Jumping Spider Lifecycle Released!

The game’s biggest update in a while arrived towards the end of May, bringing revamped lighting for the entire game, improved visual assets for the Jumping Spider’s lifecycle and most notably – a fully working, optimized and tested Generation 2 lifecycle for the Jumping Spider!

Until this point Gen 2 had not been fully optimized or tested, but all that changes with this update which allows ardent fans of the Jumping Spider lifecycle to go all the way up to Gen 3 for the first time ever! For full details visit the Steam announcement.

May 14th – Jumping Spider’s Long Jumps redesigned, more bugfixes & improvements

Released during the middle of May, this update finally addressed long-standing player feedback on making the Jumping Spider’s “Long Jump” skill more intuitive to use. Now requiring significantly fewer button presses – in fact, just the mouse (/stick) to aim, Jumping around has never been so much fun before!

Visit the Steam announcement for a full list of improvements brought by this update.


May 2nd – A Major Improvements Release

Released in early May 2021, this update brought several improvements to gameplay and visuals for the game’s key animal species. Visit the Steam announcement for full details!

Ardent followers of the game will have noted this was indeed the game’s first update in a long time. I was away on a long hiatus from work and this update marked a return to building Drunk On Nectar : )



All in all, May was eventful month for Nature & Life- Drunk On Nectar!

As a game with a broad scope, multiple modes and many areas of interest, there are numerous avenues awaiting exploration for DoN.

The game’s roadmap for the rest of 2021 is still being worked out, but be sure to follow the game’s unique growth story here, on Steam, on or Youtube 🙂

Thanks for reading!

With Love,

– Venu

(Developer of Nature & Life – Drunk On Nectar) 


Ladybug Lifecycle Released!

Experience the complete lifecycle of the inimitable Ladybug in Drunk On Nectar’s latest update!

Culturally significant in many countries and popular with children and parents alike, the Ladybug (also known as “Ladybird” in Europe) is an enormously fascinating creature with a very unique lifecycle.

See for yourself in this quick trailer! 🙂

Release Video!

Dev Walkthrough – Video Series!

Celebrating the Ladybug’s lifecycle release, join Drunk On Nectar’s developer Venugopalan Sreedharan as we experience the complete lifecycle of the Ladybug together, in this new video series!

Jumping Spider Mating Released!

In a milestone release, another member of the roster completes its entire lifecycle!

The inimitable Phidippus Regius a.k.a the Regal Jumping Spider is the latest species to complete its full life story, with multiple generations and endless replay supported! 🙂

Visit the official Steam announcement for all the finer details about this release!

Celebrating this release, a new youtube gameplay series featuring Mating and Gen 2 Male gameplay has been released. See for yourself! 🙂







Preview: Grasshopper’s “Life As Prey” Lifecycles

Releasing this week! Drunk On Nectar’s unique Grasshopper Lifecycles “Life as Prey” Steam update is right around the corner!

For a full set of pictures and exciting new features, please checkout the story below!

Read now – Grasshopper Release Preview Story

Mating & Reproduction is also featured in this update, please visit out the link above to learn more! 🙂