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Lifecycles Act 2 Released! Drunk On Nectar’s Biggest Steam Update!

Dwarfed by Prey, Dwarfed by Predators, but born to conquer “The Great Outdoors!”

Explore a massive 0.1 mm scale natural world in DoN’s Lifecycles Act 2 update which brings 4-6 additional hours of never-seen-before and truly unique content that hasn’t been depicted in any other format before.

Take a look for yourself!

As a tiny 1mm Jumping Spider your objective to survive, grow and conquer “The Great Outdoors”, growing an astonishing 20 times larger in the process! Thwart massive predators, outwit dangerous prey and experience surprise and adventure at ever turn as you  explore a rich natural paradise world suffused with bright colors, beautiful flowers and nature at every turn.

With 9 unique life stages (or instars), Lifecycles Act 2 provides several hours of fun and addictive gameplay with great replay value that is further buoyed by the game’s procedural / random map generation features:

The Lifecycles party has only just begun though, because Lifecycles Act 3 – Mating & Reproduction, is on the horizon!

For now though, enjoy Lifecycles Act 2 on Steam and keep your feedback mail, youtube videos and support for Drunk On Nectar coming!

With ❤,

Venugopalan Sreedharan (Developer of Drunk On Nectar)

(My Steam Dev Page)

Drunk On Nectar’s official recognition on Google and Youtube!

With DoN’s growing popularity, Google has now officially recognized the title and published an official Google knowledge graph for the game!

In addition to this comes the ability to post news articles right alongside the knowledge graph. Below is the first such news story, pertaining to Lifecycles Act 2.

Lifecycles Act 2 Release News (as seen on Google Posts!)

With close to 10 million views on Youtube now with in variety of languages, check out the most popular Drunk On Nectar videos for yourself!


This is also a great time to announce that Lifecycles Act 2 will be releasing in just a week or two! The final phase of Dev and QA is in progress now.

Thanks to everyone for your interest and patronage of the game through all this time! 🙂

– Venugopalan Sreedharan

(Developer of Drunk On Nectar – The Nature Simulator)