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Venu’s Garden 1 – A Curious Triad

Earlier this week, Beetles, Ants and Mealybugs were released in¬†the¬†first installment of Venu’s Garden – a series of Creature Quests (DoN’s Story Mode).

Here’s the preview video:


And here’s a full walkthrough!


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Along with in-game¬†tutorials for all creatures, some other interesting updates (ahem ahem!) are headed DoN’s way in the coming days, so be sure to follow DoN’s Community Hub on Steam or DoN’s Youtube Channel to stay on top of everything Drunk On Nectar!



Experience the Monarch Butterfly’s Lifecycle in DoN the Nature Game!

Celebrations reign! Trumpets blare! It has been done!

The Monarch Butterfly’s lifecycle has now been successfully depicted in DoN making it perhaps the first game ever to¬†depict¬†an animal’s¬†lifecycle¬†in full 3D, at full scale, from birth as a tiny egg to larva, to pupa and to adult, no¬†compromises!

Check out the very special Monarch Metamorphosis Trailer below!

Download the latest patch on Steam and experience the Monarch’s lifecycle for yourself!

Please¬†spread the¬†word about DoN by sharing this video on social media;¬†subreddits, your favorite forums, anywhere! DoN’s dazzling Monarchs and their great sport deserves to be seen by a much larger audience, so let us make that happen!

DoN’s number one priority now is to¬†promote¬†the Monarch Metamorphosis update; to that end, a sustained marketing campaign will be executed¬†over several weeks to help the twin-winged butterflies¬†of Drunk On¬†Nectar¬†encircle the entire globe with their¬†mighty wings!


A million Monarchs dance,

Clad in bright orange robes.

Beating millions of mighty wings,

They shall encircle all the Worlds!

Beauty, Born, from a mighty Spring,

Beauty, Joy, Forever, brings,

Spiralling In, Spiralling out, Reaching wide and far,

Reaching every corner, Of every globe and Star!


May the Monarchs usher new life into Drunk On Nectar’s Worlds!



Drunk On Nectar is on Steam Greenlight!

At long last,¬†DoN is on Steam Greenlight! I’m really excited about what this¬†means for the game and the opportunity to present it in front of so many¬†Steam users¬†and to obtain their valuable¬†feedback.
Please visit the link below and vote¬†“Yes” for Drunk On Nectar ūüôā



My heartfelt thanks to everyone for your support so far. I hope the game does well in the days to come!

– Venugopalan Sreedharan


PS: Here are three new gameplay videos made for Drunk On Nectar’s¬†Greenlight¬†campaign and a new 2016 trailer!