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Experience the Monarch Butterfly’s Lifecycle in DoN the Nature Game!

Celebrations reign! Trumpets blare! It has been done!

The Monarch Butterfly’s lifecycle has now been successfully depicted in DoN making it perhaps the first game ever to depict an animal’s lifecycle in full 3D, at full scale, from birth as a tiny egg to larva, to pupa and to adult, no compromises!

Check out the very special Monarch Metamorphosis Trailer below!

Download the latest patch on Steam and experience the Monarch’s lifecycle for yourself!

Please spread the word about DoN by sharing this video on social media; subreddits, your favorite forums, anywhere! DoN’s dazzling Monarchs and their great sport deserves to be seen by a much larger audience, so let us make that happen!

DoN’s number one priority now is to promote the Monarch Metamorphosis update; to that end, a sustained marketing campaign will be executed over several weeks to help the twin-winged butterflies of Drunk On Nectar encircle the entire globe with their mighty wings!


A million Monarchs dance,

Clad in bright orange robes.

Beating millions of mighty wings,

They shall encircle all the Worlds!

Beauty, Born, from a mighty Spring,

Beauty, Joy, Forever, brings,

Spiralling In, Spiralling out, Reaching wide and far,

Reaching every corner, Of every globe and Star!


May the Monarchs usher new life into Drunk On Nectar’s Worlds!



Drunk On Nectar is on Steam Greenlight!

At long last, DoN is on Steam Greenlight! I’m really excited about what this means for the game and the opportunity to present it in front of so many Steam users and to obtain their valuable feedback.
Please visit the link below and vote “Yes” for Drunk On Nectar 🙂



My heartfelt thanks to everyone for your support so far. I hope the game does well in the days to come!

– Venugopalan Sreedharan


PS: Here are three new gameplay videos made for Drunk On Nectar’s Greenlight campaign and a new 2016 trailer!






Spider AI hunting and new gameplay mode!

Finally, Spider AI for DoN is ready! This proved particularly challenging because I had to write a custom pathfinding system again (this time for land based creatures). I was hoping to use Unreal’s native navigation for this but understandably it’s geared more towards humanoids (so it doesn’t work beyond 90 degree slopes and slender foliage like plant stalks are not covered even with maximum cell precision settings).

In another important development, DoN has a new game mode!

Combat Survival is a game mode where players can quickly jump into short timed matches with simple objectives (eg: survival for prey, a successful hunt for predators). In the short-term, this game mode will be the primary focus of the game until I’ve built enough momentum to carry the core nature simulation work forward again.

I’ve written a detailed article about this change in direction on DoN’s IndieDb page, so be sure to check that out as well. (I didn’t want to rehash the entire content here a second time :P)

My current focus is to complete work on DoN’s Menus, HUD, SFX and BGM. The aim is to take all the content available in the game now and package it neatly into a playable build.

For now though, enjoy this video of DoN’s agile Jumping spiders absolutely trouncing prey in style!

More Living Flora! Watch Fern grow from fiddleheads to a thick forest!

DoN’s Living Flora Simulation aims to approximate natural growth of various flora and it is against this backdrop that the Real-Time-Strategy gameplay of DoN thrives.

In its first leap towards covering non-flowering flora such as moss, fern, etc under its gambit, the Living Flora Simulation now supports spore based reproduction (as opposed to seed based reproduction that was the only mode of floral reproduction supported in previous builds of the game). This video shows Fern unfurling tiny fiddleheads into large roomy plants while reproducing via spores using pre-determined simulation parameters that influence the resultant growth patterns.

Another thing! The dream of running massive flora populations at an acceptable 60 FPS is also something I’ve been keenly working on and I’m thrilled to report that this is now reality! As demonstrated in this video, DoN can manage lifecycles of not just hundreds – but THOUSANDS of individual flora, all running at a smooth buttery 60 FPS!

In coming months the Living Flora Simulation shall further blossom, incorporating such key features as decay simulations, day-night cycles, weather and perhaps even seasons! The possibilities are endless and these are exciting times for DoN indeed!

Major Updates! RTS redesign, Future roadmap for DoN

It’s been a while since the last update and here is the reason why – DoN has undergone a major overhaul! This transformation includes a renewed focus on the RTS (Real-Time-Strategy) elements of the game and other much needed gameplay improvements.

The real challenge from here is to create a sense of that much loved 4X strategy gameplay without sacrificing the sense of adventure which Third-Person action unfailingly delivers. In the coming months DoN will attempt to walk a tightrope balancing not just RTS and Third-Person, but also the “Living Flora” simulation elements of the game; The Living Flora simulation aims to provide an immersive, realistic and (most importantly) a warm stirring experience of nature’s floral beauty, pollinator lifecycles and their intertwined relationships.

This update offers a glimpse of new features added in recent months and provides a briefy summary of DoN’s roadmap so CHECK IT OUT! DoN is heading towards a Steam Greenlight submission somewhere in Q4 of 2015!

Like, comment, and share this video! You can also visit DoN on the Steam Concepts page which offers a preview of Drunk On Nectar’s Greenlight submission.