Body-Anatomy Combat System (feat Tiger Beetle v/s Jumping Spider)

What happens when accurate depiction of body-anatomy meets old-fashioned brawler style gameplay?

Find out for yourself in Drunk On Nectar’s latest Steam update!

Inspired by the Playfight system of Lifecycles Act 1, this new combat system will serve to settle various confrontations among rival species including but not limited to rival predators, competing peers from the same species, etc. This system also takes the game one step closer towards fulfilling its Lifecycles Act 2 mandate as the various parts and pieces of the puzzle that constitute the Jumping Spider’s lifestory are now falling into place.

To learn more about this update check out the official Steam announcement or visit the game’s Steam Community page!


World’s Fastest Insect! Tiger Beetle Gameplay

Initially planned as a cameo to support the Jumping Spider’s lifestory, the blisteringly fast Japanese Tiger Beetle ultimately had its own way.

Having strong-armed (or indeed mandible’d) its way into the roster as a fully playable creature, this species is now one of the most beloved creatures in the game based on player feedback so far.

Take a look for yourself!

Lifecycle of a Jumping Spider – Act 1 – The Silken Egg Sac Released!

To celebrate the first anniversary of Drunk On Nectar’s EA on Steam, DoN’s pivotal Lifecycles update was released last week on 16th November 2017.

Built at an unprecedented 0.1 mm scale and buoyed by several new gameplay systems, DoN’s lifecycles journey is officially in full swing. The first update depicts the Jumping Spider’s birth from an egg and growth up to the third instar.

See for yourself!

Lifecycles Roadmap

The release video offers a colorful rendition of the roadmap, but if you prefer plain text here’s a quick rundown:

December 2017
Jumping Lifecycle Act 2 – “The Great Outdoors”
– Hunting, Survival, Building shelter

2018 Q1 – 1
Jumping Spider Lifecycle Act 3 – “The Nuptial Dance”
– Mating, Reproduction, Parenting

2018 Q1 – 2
Monarch Butterfly Lifecycle wrap up (using all the new systems)

2018 Q1 – 3
Multi-Generation gameplay
– Character Progression across generations: Skills, Traits, Seasons, etc

Other items on the card include Carpenter Bee lifecycle, Ladybug lifecycle and the Dragonfly’s lifecycle. After this marathon lifecycles march is complete, Multiplayer support (with lifecycles!) will finally be added to the game.

For a detailed walkthrough of the new gameplay systems, check out the official Steam announcement for more!

That’s it for this post, DoN’s lifecycles journey is underway in full swing. Act 2 – “The Great Outdoors” is headed your way soon!

Venu’s Garden 1 – A Curious Triad

Earlier this week, Beetles, Ants and Mealybugs were released in the first installment of Venu’s Garden – a series of Creature Quests (DoN’s Story Mode).

Here’s the preview video:


And here’s a full walkthrough!


Be sure to get your name up on the leaderboard for the new Beetle mission!


Along with in-game tutorials for all creatures, some other interesting updates (ahem ahem!) are headed DoN’s way in the coming days, so be sure to follow DoN’s Community Hub on Steam or DoN’s Youtube Channel to stay on top of everything Drunk On Nectar!