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DoN has fully embraced nature!

Some good news, DoN is now a pure nature/ecology simulation focusing on the inter-relationship between flora (plants and trees) and fauna (insects, reptiles, birds and mammals). Ecological elements such as weather, changing seasons, plant and animal lifecycles will be fully simulated and true to nature.

DoN Autumn Scene 1 - Trimmed

New Gameplay Modes

Players can select from the following gameplay modes:

1. Solitary creature: Explore the world as solitary creatures (prey/predator/both depending on their position in the food chain)
2. Eusocial colony: colonize the habitat by controlling eusocial insect colonies (honey bee colonies, ant colonies, etc)
3. Creator mode: Design a biome with plants, insects, reptiles, birds and mammals of your choice and watch the simulation flourish or join the action directly by controlling a creature or colony.

No more RTS/strategy gimmicks – this is exclusively a nature game now!

DoN Rain 2 v5

Summer Sunrise Cmp

Steam Greenlight

All this is an enormous amount of dev work and also the reason why I haven’t released new videos for so long. The game is being rebuilt from ground up and this is a time-consuming process with many technical hurdles to cross.

I will be releasing DoN to Greenlight as soon as a working prototype with a small collection of plants, insects and reptiles is ready. Beyond that though, the dream of creating a rich nature paradise including birds, mammals and many other species depends solely on community interest.

If this idea resonates with enough people, the game will be developed further as a rich and diverse ecosystem with many different biomes and natural phenomena.

You can visit DoN’s Steam Greenlight Concept and provide feedback there as well.

Butterflies Polllinating

Spring 3 cmp

DoN needs your support!

Without your help in spreading the word and your feedback, DoN cannot realize its potential as the nature game we’ve all been waiting for. Show your support for DoN in any way you can!

Winter cmp

Thank you!