Daily Archives: July 26, 2015

Major Updates! RTS redesign, Future roadmap for DoN

It’s been a while since the last update and here is the reason why – DoN has undergone a major overhaul! This transformation includes a renewed focus on the RTS (Real-Time-Strategy) elements of the game and other much needed gameplay improvements.

The real challenge from here is to create a sense of that much loved 4X strategy gameplay without sacrificing the sense of adventure which Third-Person action unfailingly delivers. In the coming months DoN will attempt to walk a tightrope balancing not just RTS and Third-Person, but also the “Living Flora” simulation elements of the game; The Living Flora simulation aims to provide an immersive, realistic and (most importantly) a warm stirring experience of nature’s floral beauty, pollinator lifecycles and their intertwined relationships.

This update offers a glimpse of new features added in recent months and provides a briefy summary of DoN’s roadmap so CHECK IT OUT! DoN is heading towards a Steam Greenlight submission somewhere in Q4 of 2015!

Like, comment, and share this video! You can also visit DoN on the Steam Concepts page which offers a preview of Drunk On Nectar’s Greenlight submission.