Species Gameplay Preview – Jumping Spider “Phidippus Regius”!

It’s been a while since our little friend the Jumping Spider “Phidippus Regius” was introduced to the game so I thought this was a good time to gather some of the videos I’ve posted elsewhere on the web and write a short post on it.

The Jumping Spider is considered to be the wild cat of the spider world; it has excellent vision, the physical gifts of a gymnast and some serious stalking skills considered unusual for a creature with such a tiny brain. In other words – a perfect new entrant to DoN the Nature game! The species I’ve selected (Phidippus Regius) is a “regal” Jumping Spider that is amongst the largest Jumping Spiders and is a beautiful creature on all counts!

I’d love to do a deep dive video on this species and talk about some of the wonderful gameplay opportunities and prey/predator “setpieces” that come with this, but considering all my time is dedicated to DoN’s demo preparations (Yes! DoN’s free alpha/demo is coming soon!), I’ll leave that video for another day!