Monthly Archives: April 2016

Spider AI hunting and new gameplay mode!

Finally, Spider AI for DoN is ready! This proved particularly challenging because I had to write a custom pathfinding system again (this time for land based creatures). I was hoping to use Unreal’s native navigation for this but understandably it’s geared more towards humanoids (so it doesn’t work beyond 90 degree slopes and slender foliage like plant stalks are not covered even with maximum cell precision settings).

In another important development, DoN has a new game mode!

Combat Survival is a game mode where players can quickly jump into short timed matches with simple objectives (eg: survival for prey, a successful hunt for predators). In the short-term, this game mode will be the primary focus of the game until I’ve built enough momentum to carry the core nature simulation work forward again.

I’ve written a detailed article about this change in direction on DoN’s IndieDb page, so be sure to check that out as well. (I didn’t want to rehash the entire content here a second time :P)

My current focus is to complete work on DoN’s Menus, HUD, SFX and BGM. The aim is to take all the content available in the game now and package it neatly into a playable build.

For now though, enjoy this video of DoN’s agile Jumping spiders absolutely trouncing prey in style!