Monthly Archives: August 2015

More Living Flora! Watch Fern grow from fiddleheads to a thick forest!

DoN’s Living Flora Simulation aims to approximate natural growth of various flora and it is against this backdrop that the Real-Time-Strategy gameplay of DoN thrives.

In its first leap towards covering non-flowering flora such as moss, fern, etc under its gambit, the Living Flora Simulation now supports spore based reproduction (as opposed to seed based reproduction that was the only mode of floral reproduction supported in previous builds of the game). This video shows Fern unfurling tiny fiddleheads into large roomy plants while reproducing via spores using pre-determined simulation parameters that influence the resultant growth patterns.

Another thing! The dream of running massive flora populations at an acceptable 60 FPS is also something I’ve been keenly working on and I’m thrilled to report that this is now reality! As demonstrated in this video, DoN can manage lifecycles of not just hundreds – but THOUSANDS of individual flora, all running at a smooth buttery 60 FPS!

In coming months the Living Flora Simulation shall further blossom, incorporating such key features as decay simulations, day-night cycles, weather and perhaps even seasons! The possibilities are endless and these are exciting times for DoN indeed!