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DoN’s Living Flora System revealed!

I alluded to a ‘Living Flora’ system on DoN’s Steam Concepts page and there were many questions asked on what Living Flora meant and just how much of the map would live.

Well, finally here’s a video to provide a taste for Drunk On Nectar’s Living Flora system!


The Living Flora system is one of the cornerstones of DoN’s strategy gameplay. This system allows plants in the game to do more than just sway in the wind as pretty props; flora in DoN dynamically cycle through their natural lifecycle(s).

So what on earth does that mean? Plants in DoN first exist as seeds. These seeds take root, form shoots and eventually form one or many flower buds that blossom and bloom. If a flower is pollinated successfully by a pollinator (bees, butterflies, basically -You, the player!) then the plant forms seed pods around the flower bud while the flower itself withers. These seed pods are then carried around the game map (through a complex process to be described later) and these seeds take root to usher in the birth of the next generation of plants!

To make all of this easier to digest I will be creating a Living Flora playlist on DoN’s youtube channel where I’ll upload bite sized content so the Living Flora paradigm can be better understood, especially from a gameplay standpoint.

I will also be creating another youtube playlist on ‘The Basics of Drunk On Nectar’ which will focus on core gameplay rules, victory conditions, etc so that everyone has a much better idea of the overall gameplay.

Look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions!

— Venugopalan Sreedharan