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Drunk On Nectar – Launch Trailer!



About DoN

Drunk On Nectar is a third-person action strategy game and an ode to the beauty of nature. From butterflies to bees to hawkmoths and more, choose your favorite winged wonder and explore lush green surroundings with your team of pollinators.

Capture turf, harvest nectar from flowers and form strategies for sustaining your population while deterring rival factions.

Swift flight speeds and high reflex aerial combat will satisfy your third-person action cravings while a deep strategy system revolving around the nature’s tenuous balance between insect population, nectar availability and the pollination and growth of plants will push your management skills to the limit.

DoN (short for Drunk On Nectar) also features a living flora system where plants go through actual cycles of growth, pollination, reproduction and seed dispersal aided by their winged pollinator friends.


DoN’s Development

I’m Venugopalan Sreedharan, an aspiring game dev and the sole developer of DoN. I wanted to create a game that allows you to wander amidst nature as one of its splendidly subtle creatures – the insect pollinators, romanticized through action and strategy elements in a manner only possible through our beloved medium of gaming. I hope you and gamers across the world too will enjoy experiencing DoN!

Please check out the official launch trailer above and stay tuned for regular updates on the development of DoN. In the coming posts I will discuss several gameplay aspects of DoN and reveal upcoming milestones. DoN is currently in Alpha and I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions so that we can make this game blossom to its ultimate potential.

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